[Grok-dev] No-ZCML story

Christian Theune ct at gocept.com
Sun Aug 2 04:00:23 EDT 2009

On 08/01/2009 01:07 PM, Martin Aspeli wrote:
> Christian Theune wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I just wondered: is there a wish to get rid of the small ZCML part that
>> we need?
>> I just realized that we could use entry points to automatically grok stuff.
> -0.5
> I think ZCML still has its place as a *configuration* language (as
> opposed to a component wiring mechanism for default components).
> For instance, I don't like using grok.Permission to define a permission.
> That's the kind of thing that belongs in configuration files, not in
> code, IMHO, so I prefer to use<permission />.
> Equally, if I need to override something from another package ala
> overrides.zcml, I think it makes perfect sense for that to be explicitly
> declared in a configuration file, rather than taking place in some code
> module or another.
> Thus, if we move grokking to entry points, I think we'd still be likely
> to have ZCML files in some places.

I'm not arguing that we won't need ZCML: I was just pondering whether we 
could/should get rid of the 4 lines of ZCML that are pure boilerplate to 
make the initial amount of code as small as possible.


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