[Grok-dev] megrok.traject

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Thu Dec 3 07:08:32 EST 2009

Hi there,

Christian Klinger wrote:
> Base = declarative_base()
> class User(Base, grok.Model):
>     ...
> This works, but i am not sure if it's the right direction?
> Is this ok to do this way?

It's probably not a good idea to mix Persistent with SQLAlchemy's Base, 
as both involve meta classes. If you want to do this you're better off 
pulling in grokcore.component.Context.

That said, I have absolutely no idea what your problem is so I don't 
understand the solution either. :) I don't understand why changing the 
base class of User would have anything to do with traject.

By the way, you can get rid of all that declarative stuff if you were to 
use megrok.rdb's Model.



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