[Grok-dev] megrok.traject

Christian Klinger cklinger at novareto.de
Thu Dec 3 10:02:13 EST 2009

Hi Martijn:

> Hi there,
> Christian Klinger wrote:
>> i currently play a bit with megrok.traject. Does anyone
>> knew how i locate the user object in the factory?
> I'm not sure what your goal is. Do you mean you want to give User a
> __parent__ and a __name__ within the factory already? Could you explain
> why? It will be given a location automatically as soon as it leaves the
> factory. locate is only useful on objects that you retrieve elsewhere
> (and you want to get their URL or do a security check).
>> class SomeTraject(traject.Traject):
>>        grok.context(Pgrestraject)
> This looks odd. What's Pgrestraject? The context of a traject shouldn't
> be another traject, it should be some model (such as your application).

The Pgrestraject is my grok.Application(). I know it's a stupid name. 
Sorry for confusing...


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