[Grok-dev] strategy for losing the zope.app packages

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Thu Dec 10 17:03:12 EST 2009

Reinout van Rees wrote:
> For internal use I took your "importchecker" script and turned it into 
> z3c.dependencychecker.  It is now in zope's svn. (And on pypi).


I am happy to see importchecker has such a long life. I recently used 
pyflakes (taking some buildout configuration, probably yours :) and I 
thought, ah, I guess this makes importchecker less useful, but it seems 
still useful enough.

I wonder whether z3c.dependencychecker (or some other tool?)) could be 
taught about moved dependencies.

If my package A that imports from package B that in turn imports from 
package C, it might be I want to import from package C directly. Of 
course this is only a heuristic: in some cases package B imports from 
package C to establish a new API, for instance in its __init__.py 
(Grok's __init__.py is an example).

Still, this information is very interesting, especially for Grok 
extensions which might be able to just rely on grokcore.* packages, and 
of course for packages that rely on the ZTK.

Earlier this year Christian Theune tried to check for this kind of stuff 
by instrumenting the test runner to detect such imports, but he got stuck.

Note that I'm talking about package dependencies (project dependencies, 
really), not module dependencies.



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