[Grok-dev] compattest recipe: automatically test dependencies

Wolfgang Schnerring wosc at wosc.de
Tue Dec 15 09:32:01 EST 2009

* Reinout van Rees <reinout at vanrees.org> [2009-12-15 09:46]:
>> Here's something strange. For 0.12 I noticed that setuptools was picked
>> up as a dependency but the doctest didn't expect it. Now its in the
>> doctest, but the test *still* breaks for me:
> I suspect that whether or not setuptools shows up is a matter of using 
> setuptools or distribute.  To make sure the tests don't get hung up on 
> that irrelevant difference, I added a normalizer in testing.py that 
> filters it out.

Ah. I didn't realize they were different in this regard.

> Ah! I made an error in the normalizer regex... Sigh... I removed the \n, 
> can you do an svn up and rerun the test? Should be fine now.

Excellent. I've adjusted it for whitespace (which seems to be normalized
*after* the checkers), now the test passes.

I've just cut a 0.12.1 to include your bugfix.


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