[Grok-dev] Martian and Fake Modules

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Thu Dec 17 07:21:59 EST 2009

Hey Paul,

Paul Wilson wrote:
> I've just released an early version of manuelpi.fakemodule to PyPI
> [1]. To recap, this allows you to define module's within doctests that
> are automatically available for subsequent tests. This is tested and
> works on Martian's README.txt only, on a branch that I've been hacking
> on recently. [2]


One question would be: this functionality looks to be so generally 
useful would it make sense to fold it into Manuel proper? Have you 
discussed it with Benji?

> I'm very interested in comments and feedback regarding this approach
> and my implementation. Points to note:
>  * "module-block:: <module-name>" - is this notation okay?

Looks reasonable.

>  * Every time a module block is encountered, I push all doctest's
> defined object references into __builtin__. Why? Such that fake
> modules can find things you've defined or imported in previous doctest
> statements.

That sounds reasonable too. Looks pretty enough.




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