[Grok-dev] Role of the Grok Wiki

Kent Tenney ktenney at gmail.com
Fri Dec 18 10:47:52 EST 2009

<Steve replied to much of this while I was writing it>


in the thread "libraries to use with Grok" a couple documents
are discussed, a list of libraries useful for Grok development,
and an overview of the namespaces encountered.

I pushed for using these lists to offer convenient access to
additional information associated with the software mentioned.

The response has been that this would be contrary to the intent of the lists.


I have proposed what strikes me as a compromise: add links
to an editable wiki page, where namespace owners, project owners,
and busy bodies like me could put additional information.

So, I take a look at http://grok.zope.org/community and look
for the wiki. It's not listed in 'Documentation', it is listed
in 'Community', where I see this description of it:

 Grok Wiki

The Grok Wiki on zope.org. Use this for temporary throw-away documents
about Grok,
sprint planning, and so on. More permanent documents about Grok should
be part of
this website - please contribute!

I think that sells the Wiki concept short, and fails to take advantage
of the years of work Simon Michael has put into Zwiki.

Returning to the intro to the Grok Wiki, it was unclear to me what the request
'please contribute' means, so, via 'Documentation' -> 'Contribute' I reach
a page which describes a somewhat formal process for contribution.

I think the wiki could fill a gap between the temporal stream of information
the mailing list provides, and the submitted, reviewed and published howtos
and tutorials the documentation site offers.

It seems that changing the description of the wiki, and maybe adjusting
permissions (I was unable to create a page) would be sufficient to provide
a convenient entry point for submitted information.

With a little promotion, the wiki might become valuable, at no appreciable
cost to the formal documentation team.


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