[Grok-dev] moving some directives around and changes in the view approach

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Mon Dec 28 14:25:43 EST 2009

Souheil CHELFOUH wrote:
> Before doing anything, I'd like to get opinions, even though we
> discussed that here, already.

> I'd like to move the directives :
> 1. "path"  from grokcore.view to grokcore.component (this is a really
> useful directive, I use it in dolmen.content, for instance)


> 2. "order" from grokcore.viewlet to grokcore.component


> 3. "view" from grokcore.viewlet to grokcore.view (it makes sense,
> since other package using grokcore.view might want to refer to a view
> with this directive)


(all of course with backwards compatibility imports)

> This would be, already, a nice improvement, according to me. This
> could be done before 1.1, as it's not a major changes for grok and it
> won't break any dependencies, as we are simply pulling the directives
> "up".

+1 to doing this in 1.1.

> In a second time, I'd like to discuss the future of the "view". It has
> been in the center of many discussion already, but I feel that there
> is a lot of room for improvement, like cutting the template classes
> and template grokking away from the grokcore.view to make it more
> generic.
> I want to fix the directive in a first move.

Are you talking about the view directive or grok.View? We have a lot of 
work done on trunk of grokcore.view concerning the new Martian. We have 
*more* work (and tests) done on the 'shared_templates_userwarning' 
branch of grokcore.view that also affects the entire design of the 
template registry (having only a single global registry).



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