[Grok-dev] ZTK and zopeapp

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Wed Dec 30 17:53:46 EST 2009

Jan-Wijbrand Kolman wrote:
> To me this really sounds like: Grok is "stuck" with depending on zope.app.* 
> packages for the foreseeable future if only for the form widgets that we use. 
> Reading your report on zope-dev just now on trying to factor out the widgets 
> to zope.formlib, I get the impression Grok 1.1 should not wait for it.

I'm making lots of progress, so zope.formlib 4.0 (widgets included) 
might just make it. :)

It may well be we rely on other things in zope.app.* as well, in fact I 
expect we'll find out about a few more cases of registrations and/or 
code that we find out we actually use.

> My take on this:
> Let Grok 1.1 depend on ztk.cfg *and* the zopeapp.cfg, for the remaining 
> zope.app.* dependencies that we have. This could mean 1.1 still pulls in quite 
> a lot of zope.app.* code that isn't really used. I can live with that, knowing 
> that we did already clean up the grokcore.* family to rather great extend.
> It also means, we do not have to invent backwards-compatibility packages just 
> now.

I'm fine if Grok 1.1 doesn't manage us to completely jettison zope.app.* 
packages. I just want us to make the attempt and then to decide what's 
holding us back. We can then see whether we want to do certain work 
before we release Grok 1.1, or let some work wait until Grok 1.2.



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