[Grok-dev] Installing 0.14.1 on Windows XP

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Thu Jan 8 16:09:26 EST 2009


Thanks for all your help with this!

Note that you already are reasonably independent from your Python even 
without a virtualenv setup on Windows as buildout will install its eggs 
separately. It's only when you also have libraries that Grok needs 
installed in your central Python that you'd get problems, and then the 
virtualenv route is useful. Grok will not install anything special into 
your Python except for the few grokproject dependencies (the main 
dependencies will be stored elsewhere). I'd be curious to see whether 
you get the spaces in path issue outside of a virtualenv.

Jeroen Michiel wrote:
> We can sum them up as follows:
> 1) requirement for win32api

I've now put that requirement in our tutorial document (not yet in 
1.0a1, but should be there next release).

> 2) Spaces in paths while precompiling

I've created an issue for this too:


If you could report your findings concerning non-virtualenv setups on 
Windows in the bug that'd be very nice.

> 3) non-binary writing in eggbasket

I've fixed this in the source code, but don't have access to make a 
release. Bug report here:


> 4) temp dir removal issue

I've created an issue out of this too. I know that Windows is more 
finicky about removing directories with open files.


> 5) (some warnings): perhaps these aren't windows specific

At first glance the __file__ ones don't seem to be. Not sure about the 
zconfig issue.

Thanks again for this report. I know for a fact we had Grok working 
properly on Windows a while ago, and with the non-eggbasket method of 
installation it in fact still does. It's a shame that got broken...

I've now at least created issues out of them, which you may want to 
follow. Please remind us of this if nothing happens - I want this to be 
fixed for Grok 1.0 at the latest.



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