[Grok-dev] How to do authentication right with Grok

Brandon Craig Rhodes brandon at rhodesmill.org
Mon Jan 12 08:00:12 EST 2009

Andreas Jung <lists at zopyx.com> writes:

> Stupid me. Since local utilities are persistent the code is called
> only when creating a new instance of the app
> *banging-my-head-against-the-wall*.

I plan to change this about Grok as soon as I have time, by the way; it
seems to me that local utilities should work just like global utilities,
and get kept in RAM rather than in the Zope Database, and that we should
rename the current LocalUtility class to PersistantLocalUtility or
something for those who really need their utilities to hang around in
the database changing or accumulating information over time.

Indexes are a different matter; they obviously *do* sit around in the
database.  Still, I'd love to see the ``grok.Indexes`` class gain the
ability, on startup, to add or delete indexes from the Application or
Site to bring them up-to-date with what's declared in the code, rather
than making us destroy and re-create all of our applications every time
we make a dratted change to our source code. :-)

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