[Grok-dev] grokproject 1.0a2 released!

Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Tue Jan 13 08:29:53 EST 2009

Hi Roger,

Roger Erens wrote:
> on 12-1-2009 17:34 Uli Fouquet wrote:
> > The Grok team is happy to announce the release of grokproject
> > 1.0a2. 
> > 
> ...
> > 
> >   - ``--grokversion=GROKVERSION``
> > 
> >     Installs the grok version denoted by GROKVERSION. If this option
> >     is not given, the latest Grok version is used. Example::
> Not giving this option, grokproject did not use the expected latest Grok 
> version 1.0a2 but 1.0a1. I think because the file versions.cfg contains 
> a line
> grok = 1.0a1

Thats's correct. 1.0a1 _is_ the latest Grok-release, 1.0a2 the latest
grokproject release.

> Or should I not expect the version numbers of grok and grokproject to be 
> in sync?

You name it. The last release (grokproject 1.0a1) was in fact the only
one in sync with Grok (IIRC). Both projects are (well, relatively)
independent from each other. If we find a bug in grokproject, then we
cannot wait for a new grokrelease, but must react quickly. Therefore you
cannot rely on both versionnumbers to be in sync.

Sorry if this leads to misunderstandings.

Best regards,


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