[Grok-dev] Installing 0.14.1 on Windows XP

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Tue Jan 13 10:52:11 EST 2009


Roger Erens wrote:
> My approach to this issue was to change the file default.cfg that 
> grokproject created in C:\Documents and Settings\<USERNAME>\.buildout
> I made the line containing eggs-directory refer to C:\eggs.
> Then I moved the directory "eggs" in .buildout to C:\

I'm trying to understand why this was needed at all, as grokproject sets 
up a shared eggs directory for you by itself, after all. Is it because 
that eggs directory is in Documents and Settings and do the spaces in 
the path names lead to problems? If so that is a bug we should at least 
investigate - perhaps there's a simple fix. Alternatively we should 
change the location of the eggs directory entirely on Windows by default.



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