[Grok-dev] Entity Relations and Forms

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Wed Jan 21 08:13:05 EST 2009


Jeroen Michiel wrote:
> It's indeed version 0.4.0 I got.
> I pinned it to 0.3.5 in versions.cfg and it works now. Perhaps this should
> be done in the official versions.cfg, or can't you do that because it's not
> needed for everyone? I'm not up to speed with buildout and pinned versions
> and stuff like that (yet).

I think we should seriously consider pinning it down in our buildout.cfg 
(or at least make the most recent version work). It's possible to pin 
something down that's not a direct dependency of Grok.

This brings up some issues about extension packages in general. Does 
Grok want to start pinning down versions that it doesn't require? Or 
should perhaps Grok start to require zc.sourcefactory just for the 
convenience? And if we do, how do we test that it hasn't broken?

> I tried on a testproject to use the 0.4.0 of sourcefactory, but went from
> one error to another...
> I changed zope.app.form to version 3.7.0 as you suggested, and that indeed
> requires zop.schema>=3.5a1
> So I also changed that, but while starting up the server, I got this
> warning:
> c:\docume~1\jm\.buildout\eggs\zope.configuration-3.4.0-py2.4.egg\zope\configuration\config.py:197:
> DeprecationWarning: ITerms is deprecated. It has moved t
> o zope.browser.interfaces This reference will be gone sometimes.

Yeah, this kind of warning is all right, though implies that 
zope.configuration ought to be updated to a newer version that gets rid 
of this dependency as well. It doesn't appear to have been, so perhaps 
the dependency isn't correct. We've had a discussion on how to do 
deprecation properly on zope-dev that gave me some ideas on how to 
improve the current situation.

> Trying the add page dumped this error:

Which add page is this? Ah, the add page in your test app.

> "c:\docume~1\jm\.buildout\eggs\zope.app.component-3.4.1-py2.4.egg\zope\app\component\hooks.py",
> line 95, in adapter_hook
>     return siteinfo.adapter_hook(interface, object, name, default)
>   File
> "c:\docume~1\jm\.buildout\eggs\zc.sourcefactory-0.4.0-py2.4.egg\zc\sourcefactory\browser\token.py",
> line 38, in fromString
>     return md5.md5(value).hexdigest()
> TypeError: new() argument 1 must be string or read-only buffer, not
> ContainedProxy

Looks scary; it seems as if it's a result of trying to take a md5 sum 
off something that isn't a string but an object in a container.

> So I figured perhaps the warning is a good hint, and I changed the
> zope.configuration to the latest version , being 3.4.1, but that did not
> remove the warning, or solve the error.

I wonder what's triggering this, there must be a source somewhere that 
used to work but now for some reason fails to work. Could you post the 
code of the source factory again?

> As the penultimate egg that was used in the error log was zop.app.component,
> I tried getting a later version for that one (3.5.0), although it didn't
> state anything in the changes log about this.

Looks like we need to completely review the versions that Grok requires 
once we want to upgrade to a newer set. Thank goodness we're actually 
pinning them down, it'd have been complete chaos if we didn't as new 
dependencies of Grok get released.

Our new issue is how to handle extension packages of Zope 3/Grok that 
people want to use. I think we need to start managing recommended 
versions of these in our versions.cfg as well, so that they don't 
install in a broken way like zc.sourcefactory has become. But we really 
need to think of a way to sensibly test what works. Zope 3 has a way to 
test packages in an integrated fashion that perhaps would flush out 
problems like this.



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