[Grok-dev] pagelets/layouts in grok

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Wed Jan 21 14:02:59 EST 2009

Hey Christian,

Thanks for continuing to look into this!

Christian Klinger wrote:
> * Working on a megrok.pagelet.layout directive. So the idea is to add
>    the *layout* directive to grokcore.view.View. If the layout directive
>    is set the view should act as a pagelet instead of a browser:view.
>    If there is no layout directive set on the grok.View the view should
>    work as a normal grok.View.
>    class Index(grok.View):
>        grok.layout(xxx)
>        grok.name(xxx)

This is definitely an interesting idea! It'd be nice to eventually 
explore connecting layouts to layers, for instance, as that'd be nicer 
than having to go everywhere and setting grok.layout().

Technically I think that this may require changes to grokcore.view, but 
perhaps you can find a way to define another grokker for 
grokcore.view.View to avoid this issue somehow. Anyway, whatever way 
works. :)

I'd like to ask others on the mailing list to help review Christian's 
work as I think having good layout management support is extremely 
important to the future of Grok and I'm happy to see Christian looking 
into it!



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