[Grok-dev] SVN-download errors anyone?

Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Fri Jan 23 22:09:34 EST 2009

Hi there,

we have still a bug open in the bugtracker that handles with the

  Download error: unknown url type: svn -- Some packages may not be   


Several people tried hard to get rid of it and I checked the packages
required by standard installation and created by latest grokproject. It
turned out that there were 122 packages downloaded which all provided
HTTP-download URLs in PyPI. No SVN-URLs in sight :-)

I think this problem is now really history but before I close the bug
with clear conscience, I'd like to ask here: did anybody experience
SVN-download trouble recently?

If yes, what grokproject/grok version did you use? Can you specify the
package causing trouble?

Best regards,


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