[Grok-dev] ANN [Grok-doc] Maintaining the Grok Community Documentation

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Wed Jul 1 04:52:28 EDT 2009

Hi All!

 >> No framework is better than it's documentation <<

As you might have noticed, we have created a team to organise the  
maintenance of Grok Community Documentation. Our goal isn't to add all  
the missing documentation, but rather to assist those who want to help  
doing so. The team consist of

Sebastian Ware
Tim Cook
Steve Schemchel

Our goal is to:

1 Organise and assist in the maintenance of Grok Community Documentation
2 Provide some level of support to those who write community docs
3 Maintain a mailing list where discussions about writing and  
maintaining docs is the nr 1 priority


Why yet another mailing list? The idea is to focus on documentation. A  
thread in this mailing list won't get burried by dev-threads and vice  
versa. We also want to lower the bar of entry into the Grok community.  
You don't have to be a stellar developer to ask or answer questions on  
this list. Lastly, and most importantly, we want to make it painfully  
obvious if activity in the docs department is lower than acceptable...

We will be posting feedback on [grok-dev] if we need help with  
reviewing, or mentoring someone who is writing documentation, but  
unless you are a very busy person, please subscribe to the [grok-doc]  
mailing list too.


*** How to get involved...

1 Start by subscribing to [grok-doc]:

2 Check if there is a document that needs to be reviewed:
  Info is available on the Blueprint Whiteboard

3 Post a message on [grok-doc] with your Launchpad username and a link  
to the Blueprint you want to edit/review and start working on it. The  
grok-doc team will add you as "assignee" on the Blueprint
  NOTE: You can start reviewing the content immediately, don't wait  
for us!

4 Browse [grok-docs-review] for some info on the review process

Mvh Sebastian

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