[Grok-dev] Examples on using hurry.resource

Jasper Spaans j at jasper.es
Wed Jul 8 16:26:11 EDT 2009

Hi Sebastian,

Op 8 jul 2009, om 17:40 heeft Sebastian Ware het volgende geschreven:

> I can't get my head around how to use hurry.resource. In the
> README.txt a synthetic Request object is created to store the
> inclusions in, but I don't understand how this would look in a real
> Grok application.

I ran into this too, two weeks ago; see my message at http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.web.zope.grok.devel/8176 
  for an example of how to declare your resources; if you want to use  
them, you can do something like (after having declared "sprintf" as a  
hurry.resource ResourceInclusion as in the example)

class Frop(grok.View):
     def update(self):

If this frop view is rendered, the sprintf resource will be put in the  
<head> section of your document automagically, even if it's not  
present in you template.

(I still haven't been able to resurrect my grok.zope.org account, so  
this is still undocumented there)

Jasper Spaans

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