[Grok-dev] buildout.cfg

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Thu Jul 16 05:20:22 EDT 2009

In the Zopectl-layout, setting the eggs-directory in [buildout.cfg]  
isn't very good if one wants to version control and deploy the  
[buildout.cfg] file from a development server to a production server.  
This is basically the only hickup I have come across with  
[buildout.cfg] and version control.

Maybe one could change this? Or am I missing something?

# eggs will be installed in the default buildout location
# (see .buildout/default.cfg in your home directory)
# unless you specify an eggs-directory option here.
eggs-directory = /Volumes/PsycadeliaRAID/groklive/eggs/

Mvh Sebastian

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