[Grok-dev] grokcore.view 1.9 and grokcore.formlib

Jan-Wijbrand Kolman janwijbrand at gmail.com
Mon Jul 20 08:52:53 EDT 2009

Martin Aspeli wrote:
> Hi,
> Today, I tried to make five.grok work with grokcore.view 1.9, in 
> particular the CodeView change. It seems silly to release five.grok 1.0 
> final when the grokcore.view refactoring is already done and released, 
> and will introduce backwards-incompatible changes for anyone who'd used 
> a custom render() method on a view.
> The change was simple: just add a CodeView like this to component.py and 
> import in __init__.py:
>    class CodeView(grokcore.view.CodeView, Acquisition.Explicit):
>        getPhysicalPath = Acquisition.Acquired
> Then change the ViewSecurityGrokker to use BaseView as a context instead 
> of View.
> However, there are some problems.
>   1) There's a failure in READE.txt because it uses a grok.templatedir() 
> with path separators. Apparently, that's no longer allowed.
>   2) All the autofields tests fail deep inside grokcore.formlib. I think 
> maybe grokcore.formlib isn't meant to work with grokcore.view 1.9
> Does that sound right? The errors are all like this:

I intend to release grokcore.formlib today. I my guess is, this release 
will address these problems.


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