[Grok-dev] Grok with existing SQLAlchemy models

Wyatt Baldwin wyatt.lee.baldwin at gmail.com
Mon Jul 20 15:32:42 EDT 2009

I have an existing Web application written in Python that I'm looking
to re-implement in a modern Python framework. Now that Grok is
approaching 1.0, I am taking another look at it for this purpose, and
it's lookin' good.

My only question (at this point, anyway) is whether there is a way to
reuse existing SQLAlchemy-based model classes without having to add
any Grok directives and/or Zope-specific integration code to them. The
model for my application is in a "core" package that *cannot* be
modified to support Grok (or any other Web framework) directly. One
idea I have is a function that takes a SA mapped class and returns a
Grok model.

I've started looking at some of the libraries for integrating SA with
Zope/Grok, but I admit that I haven't looked very deeply as yet. I've
also been reading the Grok docs and this list but haven't found a
definite answer yet. Is what I want to do already possible? Would it
be straightforward to implement something like an `sa_model_wrapper`?
Can I create a subclass of a SA model class that uses `grok.Model` as
a mixin?

Any pointers or suggestions would be appreciated, and if RTFM if part
of the answer, please give a page number. ;)


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