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Tim Cook timothywayne.cook at gmail.com
Thu Jul 30 08:46:31 EDT 2009

I have an add form (below).  The generic one does schema validation as
expected.  But when I assign a custom template, it does not do schema
validation.  The setUpWidgets function doesn't work in either case.

I created the custom template by copying the source output from the
generic (Grok generated) form and then adding some CSS and additional
text and graphics.   The only thing I  changed in the <form> itself was
the action in order to point to the view template in my previous email
about update().  

Of course original just calls itself:  
  <form action="http://localhost:8080/dsedemo/immunizationsform"
      method="post" class="edit-form"

I changed it to:

<form  tal:attributes="action python:view.url('immcalc')"
      method="post" class="edit-form"

So my questions are: 

1. Why no schema  validation in the customized form?

2. Why does the setUpWidgets function not work in either case?


class ImmunizationsForm(grok.AddForm):   
    form_fields = grok.AutoFields(ImmunizationList)
    #here we setup an alternate display form that has been customized
from the original generic add form.
    #the URL though is still to /immunizationsform NOT to immadd.
    template = grok.PageTemplateFile('dsedemo_templates/immadd.pt') 
    def setUpWidgets(self):
        super(ImmunizationsForm, self).setUpWidgets()
        self.widgets['hepatitisB'].width = 1
        self.widgets['tetravalent'].width = 1
        self.widgets['polio'].width = 1
        self.widgets['rotavirus'].width = 1
    def add(self, **data):
        immlist = ImmunizationList()
        self.applyData(immlist, **data)
        self.context[name] = immlist
        return self.redirect(self.url(self.context[name]))


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