[Grok-dev] Why the grokproject specific addition to bootstrap.py of installing eggbasket?

Roger Erens roger.erens at e-s-c.biz
Tue Jun 2 20:56:29 EDT 2009


in the grokproject-1.04a-py2.5.egg/grokproject/template_directories the 
bootstrap.py files contain the addition

zc.buildout.buildout.main(sys.argv[1:] + ['-v', 'install', 'eggbasket'])

Why is this line needed?

When, following an unmodified bootstrap.py, a bin/buildout is run with 
the buildout.cfg based on the template (containing a line parts = 
eggbasket ...)

the tarball will be installed first, too?

Thanks for any insights,


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