[Grok-dev] Maintenance of Community Documentation

Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Tue Jun 9 04:34:03 EDT 2009

Hi there,

Sebastian Ware wrote:

> I have had some discussions with Tim Cook and Steve Schmechel and we  
> have agreed that we would like to put some effort into organising the  
> maintenance of the community docs.

Great :-)

> If we could get peoples blessing on this we would like to do the  
> following:
> -Create a separate Community Doc email list [grok-doc]
> The purpose would be to highlight documentation efforts and questions  
> related to documentation. This would be the place to go if one is  
> working on community documentation or has questions related to  
> community docs. This could also be the place where Grok users could  
> learn more about the capabilities of Grok by reading the discussions.  
> Basically we would like to support the emerging Grok culture of  
> learning-by-writing-docs. This would benefit everybody.

Do you think there would be so much traffic, that another list would be
required? Please note, that this list would also need maintenance and
people had to follow several lists then, especially when it comes to
technical (programming) details.

Therefore I am +0 for that.

From other people I learned, that they would like to see a grok-users
list, dedicated to mere beginner-like questions.

> -Organise a peer review workflow. Tagging content as:
>   - Peer reviewed for version x.y (doc looks ok)
>   - Out of date (with regards to current version)
>   - Needs editing (for reason xyz)
>   - Needs merging (with content xyz)
>   Maybe create a simple webtool to keep track of peer reviews (if this  
> isn't easily implemented in Plone).

If that would work: +1

> -Organise on-line sprints every three months
> The purpose is to focus the community during a week to peer review and  
> improve community docs. If the tasks are reasonably well organised,  
> this could be fun and very, very useful.

We should try this at least IMHO and see, how well it works. It's
certainly crucial that someone takes the initiative to organize the
whole stuff.

> If this sounds reasonable I'll be happy to take a lead on this effort.

Great, Sebastian, thanks! I'd propose, however, to have at least another
person (maybe Tim or Steve?) to share the workload and have a 'fallback'
contact ;-)

Overall: thank you very much for the effort. Sounds good to me :-)

Best regards,


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