[Grok-dev] Problem with a container

Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Fri Jun 12 11:44:11 EDT 2009

Hi there,

rockaroundtheclock wrote:
> I'm new to Grok, and have a simple problem:
> I got a container in a module "xyz" called "Times". The container contains a
> list of Objects (Instances of a class). With "for x in
> self.context.values()" , I can access the objects of the container without
> problems,
> but if I try to do that in another module (let's say "abc" + import of the
> first module "xyz"), I'm unable to access the objects in the container
> (tried with "xyz.Times.values()").
> I recieve following error:  
> TypeError: unbound method values() must be called with Times instance as
> first argument (got nothing instead)
> Any Idea, or tip how to acces values of a container from outside the module
> the container-class belongs to?

You're mixing up classes and instances of classes here. `values()`
operates on _instances_ of `Times`.

You can do:

  mytimes = Times()

or, within a method of class `Times`:


or, if `context` contains an instance of `Times`:


You cannot do:


as `values()` is not a classmethod.

Hope that helps,


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