[Grok-dev] Maintenance of Community Documentation

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Mon Jun 15 06:43:40 EDT 2009

Hey Sebastian,

Sorry I haven't been paying enough attention in the last week. :)

Sebastian Ware wrote:
> -Create a separate Community Doc email list [grok-doc]
> The purpose would be to highlight documentation efforts and questions  
> related to documentation. This would be the place to go if one is  
> working on community documentation or has questions related to  
> community docs. This could also be the place where Grok users could  
> learn more about the capabilities of Grok by reading the discussions.  
> Basically we would like to support the emerging Grok culture of  
> learning-by-writing-docs. This would benefit everybody.

I'm -0 to a new mailing list; I don't think grok-dev is very high 
traffic and having the discussions taking place on a single mailing list 
might encourage more people to contribute.

You mention also that a grok-doc mailing list might be useful for users. 
It's interesting that there'd be a -doc list before a -users list then. 
(I'm -0 to any new lists at this stage though).

If people really do want a new mailing list I can see about having it 
created on zope.org.

> -Organise a peer review workflow. Tagging content as:
>   - Peer reviewed for version x.y (doc looks ok)
>   - Out of date (with regards to current version)
>   - Needs editing (for reason xyz)
>   - Needs merging (with content xyz)
>   Maybe create a simple webtool to keep track of peer reviews (if this  
> isn't easily implemented in Plone).

+1 on such a workflow!

I'd suggest trying to come up with a workflow "on paper" and following 
that for a while before worrying about codifying it in software. This 
way the focus will be on improving the documentation instead of writing 

> -Organise on-line sprints every three months
> The purpose is to focus the community during a week to peer review and  
> improve community docs. If the tasks are reasonably well organised,  
> this could be fun and very, very useful.
> If this sounds reasonable I'll be happy to take a lead on this effort.

I'm very happy to see you take this initiative, Sebastian!


P.S. I know I've been somewhat absent here for a while, but I expect to 
spend some more time on Grok related issues in the future.

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