[Grok-dev] Long running HTTP requests

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Tue Mar 3 03:26:29 EST 2009

I don't know if there is a time limit at all, I have debugging  
sessions that are open for ten or twenty minutes. However, this sounds  
like a bad idea because there are many things that can go wrong and  
you would also be consuming a connection (what happens when you have  
thousands of these concurrent requests).

I would choose one of the following solutions:

- polling (every minute, or maybe have the server estimates when you  
should check in next time)
- asynchronous (but that would obviously require that the client can  
be called by the server)

If you are worried about first come first served, you could just add a  
waiting list to the resource.

Mvh Sebastian

2 mar 2009 kl. 19.51 skrev Alec Munro:

> Hi List,
> I've put together a simple resource management app using REST, that
> allows a client to GET a url to request access to a resource. If the
> resource is busy, it returns 0, otherwise 1. They can POST to the same
> url to release the resource. I am considering changing it to simply
> hold the GET open until the resource is available, which could take
> several (<10) hours. Any idea if there would be a problem with this?
> Thanks,
> Alec
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