[Grok-dev] Authorization issue With grokproject created instance and wsgi

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Wed Mar 4 13:42:22 EST 2009


zope at kevinkal.com wrote:
>   I've come across a slightly annoying issue when working with grokproject.
>   With a new project, I  'bin/paster serve etc/debug.ini', open the 
> browser to localhost:8080 and receive an unauthorized error.
>    If I start with bin/myproject-ctl start and visit localhost:8080 I 
> receive the basic auth prompt and login, with no problem.
>   Then I can bin/myproject-ctl stop , and bin/paster serve etc/debug.ini 
> and am logged in because I haven't closed my browser.
>   Is there something I am doing wrong or could something have possibly 
> changed?
>   Also, is this the best list to ask about such issues or is there a 
> non-dev list that is more suited?

This is the right place.

We have an outstanding launchpad issue for this bug.


We haven't had action on fixing it though, so thanks for reminding us! 
Does this exception formatting middleware really not allow us to exclude 
certain exceptions?

If not, I think we should change debug.ini so it doesn't include the 
middleware anymore - too bad no exception formatter for now.



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