[Grok-dev] Deleting Container items

Tim Cook timothywayne.cook at gmail.com
Fri Mar 6 07:06:08 EST 2009

Okay, what is wrong with this code?

I have a grok.Container named 'ar'

I want to be able to completely empty it at certain times.

When I execute the following code it deletes exactly half of the
contents.  For example if I have 4 items it deletes 2.  If I execute it
again it deletes 1.  Finally on the 3rd execution it deletes the last

class Emptyar(grok.View):
    def render(self):

        for x in atnames:
            del self.context['ar'][x]

I even tried self.context['ar'].__delattr__(x) and had exactly (not
surprising I suppose) the same effect.


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