[Grok-dev] grokproject configures z3c.testsetup instead of grok.testing

Kevin Teague kevin at bud.ca
Sat Mar 7 18:17:16 EST 2009

> I am all for powerful tools that can be used in a simple way.  (That  
> is what attracted me to Grok in the first place!)  grok.testing  
> looked simpler, but if z3c.testsetup provides more power and can be  
> approached easily, than that is the way to go.
> Should we maybe get rid of grok.testing as another option or at  
> least not have it appear to supersede z3c.testsetup in the  
> documentation?
> I would rather see one option that works and is explained well than  
> a bunch of choices where I am not sure which is the best.

grok.testing basically just provides a  
grok.testing.register_all_tests() function, which returns a  
specialized z3c.testsetup.TestCollector instance in the  
grok.testing.GrokTestCollector class. This class just adds a layer  
named 'GrokFunctionalLayer' which will by default read from the  
ftesting.zcml configuration in your package. So grok.testing uses  
z3c.testsetup, it's just a matter of explaining in the docs that  
grok.testing is just an easier way of setting up z3c.testsetup to  
functional test a Grok-based package.

BTW, the new per-file setup and teardown in the 0.3 release looks sweet!

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