[Grok-dev] Let's make security proxies an option

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Wed Mar 11 10:52:11 EDT 2009

Hi there,

Yes, I agree we've long had a consensus that we do want to make this an 
option. I don't think they should be there by default, but I do think 
Grok should grow support for them.

I'll note that security proxies *are* an option if you just use the 
grokcore.* libraries in your project. You'd need to use ZCML for your 
security declarations as we don't have a grokker yet that can do this 
for you.

I'd be interested if someone experimented with a grokker for grok.Model 
(or IContext?) that groks security declarations on model objects. This 
would need to go along with a decorator-style syntax to declare them - 
perhaps simply grok.require can be used for this too.

I think it'd be fairly easy to come up with a configuration for Grok 
that didn't use Grok's custom publication as well, at least for 
experimental purposes.



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