[Grok-dev] cataloging issues

Souheil CHELFOUH trollfot at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 13:56:23 EDT 2009

Hello !
I'm new in the grok community and I first like to thank you all for
the wonderful work you're doing.
I'm currently working on a small CMS project called 'Dolmen' and i'm
stuck on cataloging issues.

My application looks actually like this :

class Dolmen(grok.Application, .grok.Container):


I defined some content types, all using a base interface :

  class IBaseSchema(INameFromTitle):

    title = TextLine(
        title = u"Title",
        required = True

    description = Text(
        title = u"Description",
        required = False

I'm defining some indexes :

  class ContentIndexes(grok.Indexes):

    title = index.Text()
    description = index.Text()

However, when I create a new application, I get the following error :
GrokError: grok.Indexes in module <module 'dolmen.content.catalog'
from '/home/trollfot/mygrok/Dolmen/src/dolmen/content/catalog.py'>
causes creation of catalog index 'description' in catalog '', but an
index with that name is already present.

I checked manually in the grokker IndexesSetupSubscriber and it's
called twice on my component, triggering the previous error.
Any idea here, to unstuck me ? Any pointers are welcome
I removed all the .pyc, checked manually everything, there is only one
grok.Indexes component.

thank you
- Souheil 'trollfot'

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