[Grok-dev] batching view

modiadi adi at modiadi.com
Sat Mar 14 04:55:41 EDT 2009

Hello everybody,

I am a new user of Grok. First of all I would like to say that grok it  
is a great project!

The project I try to do contains a news section.  I will aggregate  
news news from different sources on a daily basis(maybe 100 items per  

I will have a grok.Container which contains news items based on  
somethin like this :

class INews(interface.Interface):
     title = schema.TextLine(...)
     description = schema.Text(...)
     pubDate = schema.Date(....)

I have a few issues which I am not sure how to deal with :

1. How to do a batching view of the entire news collection? I see this  
as a list with maybe 10 news items sorted by date with previous and  
next links.

2. What if I would like to filter some results based on a search  

3. I am not sure yet if an approach like this (keeping news items in a  
container) will work with a large database.

Any help would be appreciated.

PS: if the answer is not really trivial, I am would like to write a  
tutorial about a batching view because I believe that it is an  
important part of most web apps

Thank you !

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