[Grok-dev] unique item in container question

modiadi adi at modiadi.com
Tue Mar 17 12:41:39 EDT 2009


I have to say that many simple things are hard to understand because  
there are no docs about them.

As I am using grok for a project, I will make a list with those  
undocumented issues. I will try to do at least a simple howto about  
each item.
Because I am a real beginer in grok/zope maybe it is easier for me to  
see what is missing.

Thank for your help.


On Mar 17, 2009, at 5:02 PM, Steve Schmechel wrote:

> Just to be clear about this:
> *** Knowing Zope3 is not a "prerequisite" for using Grok! ***
> Yes. Grok helps Zope3 developers by "Smashing ZCML".
> At times, you will have to become familiar with a Zope3 component in  
> order to use that component properly.
> However, Grok also wants be "more approachable and easier to learn",  
> so I don't think we want to give the impression that you have to go  
> away and learn Zope3 first.
> We should always take the initiative to point to the necessary Zope3  
> documentation in the Grok documentation.  (It is often hard for a  
> new developer to find what they need in the scattered Zope3  
> documentation.  I know I was lost until I got Phillip's book.)
> I think the Grok documentation is starting to do this and as the  
> tutorials and how-to's continue to develop, it will get easier.
> I'm not trying to admonish or preach about this.  I just want to  
> make sure that Grok continues to welcome non-Zope developers.
> Quotes from the Grok home page:
> - Grok is a web application framework for Python developers. It is  
> aimed at both beginners and very experienced web developers.
> - While Grok is based on Zope 3, and benefits a lot from it, you do  
> not need to know Zope at all in order to get productive with Grok.
> Regards,
> Steve
> --- On Tue, 3/17/09, Souheil CHELFOUH <trollfot at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Yes, you should
>> This is not really grok related, it's more about the
>> form system
>> Have a look at formlib, that will help you have a global
>> picture !
>> - Trollfot
>> 2009/3/17 modiadi <adi at modiadi.com>:
>>> Case closed !
>>> This is the solution, thanks !
>>> After searching this solution on grok dev and not
>> finding it, I wonder
>>> if I miss some important informations about grok.
>> Should I read or
>>> learn something else before grok(like zope3)?

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