[Grok-dev] unique item in container question

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Tue Mar 17 13:54:48 EDT 2009

I'd just like to mention that one of the reasons why you might find it  
difficult in the beginning is because one always thinks "there must be  
a really smart way to do this" when one sometimes should just go with  
the good old KISS and then refactor if one learns of a better way.

You will often get pointers to pretty powerful components, but as a  
newbie they are sometimes quite difficult to understand.

I built a CMS from scratch and it is serving very well right now, and  
I can assure you that I have had to rewrite many hacks BUT I find that  
I have saved a lot of time and frustration by winging it.

My rule of thumb has been that if I don't find an obviously superior  
and understandable solution within say an hour or two of research I  
just write my own really simple solution.

My inspiration was Martijns hurry components and the comment "I write  
my own because I am in a hurry...".

Mvh Sebastian

17 mar 2009 kl. 17.41 skrev modiadi:

> Ok,
> I have to say that many simple things are hard to understand because
> there are no docs about them.
> As I am using grok for a project, I will make a list with those
> undocumented issues. I will try to do at least a simple howto about
> each item.
> Because I am a real beginer in grok/zope maybe it is easier for me to
> see what is missing.
> Thank for your help.
> Adi

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