[Grok-dev] Alternative Layout System in Grok with z3c.template/z3c.pagelet

Christian Klinger cklinger at novareto.de
Thu Mar 19 05:31:26 EDT 2009

Martin Aspeli schrieb:
> Christian Klinger wrote:
>> Hello,
>> i worked on a prototype (megrok.pagelet) for integrating
>> z3c.template and z3c.pagelet in grok.
> I'm curious: I keep hearing about this, and I've seen the PyPI pages for 
> both, but I still don't really understand what benefits these two bring. 
> Could you explain why you decided to integrate them and why you want to 
> use them?
> Martin

Hello Martin,

z3c.template adn z3c.pagelet uses the componet architecture to configure 
their relationship, instead of hardcode the right macro direct into the 
template with the (metal:use-macro und metal:fill-slot) commands.

    <html metal:use-macro="context/@@mymacros/macros/mypage">

So it is possible for an grok extension to override the original layout 
without touching the *main_macro* things.

Another usecase could be different Layouts for different layers.
So you can use a *Mobile* Layout for the *Mobile* Layer.
I don´t know if this is possible with metal: commands.

There is also a tutorial out there. [1]

Theuni had a little presentation about z3c.template and z3c.pagelet on
the grokkerdam sprint. Maybe he can provide more info to it.

HTH Christian

[1] http://www.carduner.net/docs/z3c-tutorial/skinning.html

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