[Grok-dev] How to use auto-forms to quickly handle nested objects

Steve Schmechel steveschmechel at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 26 12:22:15 EDT 2009

Sorry for replying to my own post, but I am still in the dark as to whether autoforms (grok.formlib) can be employed to automatically 
navigate a hierarchical model structure using schema directives in the model object interfaces.  

It looks like they might, but I can't find any examples.

Does anyone have a definitive answer? 
Is this approach just "wrong" in the Zope/Grok world?
Should I ask on the Zope mailing list regarding zope.formlib?

I want to keep working on my tutorial, and I want to present the simplest approach to viewing/adding content objects in a web browser as the first step.  I'd rather work on "multiple model object views" and "custom widgets" later, but if that is the only way to make this happen, I will have to change my plans.


--- On Mon, 3/23/09, Steve Schmechel <steveschmechel at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Auto-forms (or at least really fast templating) of a
> hierarchical object model would be the key to creating a
> rapid, web-based prototype of this type of application.
> I am not really having a problem with modeling the
> relationships or storing the object data in the ZODB, but
> with doing it in a way that it is easy to publish the
> contents to the web (the "ope" in "zope"
> :-)


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