[Grok-dev] progress on megrok.form

Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Fri May 1 18:12:41 EDT 2009

Hi there,

Santiago Videla wrote:

>         1) build at least megrok.datetimewidget in a similar style
>         like
>         hurry.yui and other eggs, that fetch the foreign code only
>         before
>         releases, so that the code does not enter the Zope repository.
>         This way
>         we could use the already used JavaScript (in a newer version).
>         2) deprecate zc.datetimewidget, megrok.datetimewidget, etc.
>         and use for
>         example the calendar from YUI (provided by hurry.yui) instead.
>         This has,
>         however, some drawbacks: with the YUI calendar one can only go
>         forward/back one month at once. So picking for example your
>         date of
>         birth can become quite cumbersome: people of age 50 have to
>         click the go
>         back button about 600 times to pick their date. People of age
>         99 might
>         even die before they reach that point ;) There might be a
>         workaround,
>         however. I am not a YUI expert.
> In terms of support and maintenance, I guess that  2) it's better (the
> latest release of the calendar used in zc.datetimewidget was 4 years
> ago). But I never used YUI before, so I have no idea if there is a way
> to resolve that issue... anyone? 

Jasper Spaans friendly pointed me to


where you can enter some year. It's not the same as with the original
calendar widget, but at least shortens things.

When asked, what widget/JavaScript lib he would use instead, Jasper
wisely answered: it depends. Somtimes you want people to pick a day in a
certain month, somtimes (as with birth dates) you want to give them the
ability to enter a year easily. So, in general, you want different date
pickers for different purposes.

> otherwise 1) it's the way to go, right? but maybe we could use another
> javascript library instead of that calendar. 
> jquery for example: http://jqueryui.com/demos/datepicker/
> we could create hurry.jquery, and re-write the calendar widget in
> megrok.form as we did for tinyMCE. Besides that, jquery has a lot of
> plugins and extra features to play around in megrok.form
> what do you think?

Hm, my impression was that YUI already brings a lot of stuff as well.
Furthermore, as YUI is already available with hurry.yui, an appropriate
widget could be implemented even faster with it. I am not a
GUI/JavaScript expert, though.

All this does not mean, that one couldn't provide jQuery support as

But afterall it looks like we should say farewell to the good old
zc.datetimewidget datepicker, right?

What do others think?

Best regards,


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