[Grok-dev] grok z3c.testsetup problem

Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Fri May 8 04:44:07 EDT 2009

Hi there,

Christian Klinger wrote:

> i run into a testing problem. This is my scenario:
> I have a grokproject called training. In the src
> package of training i have a new python package
> called nva.sliteauth. I have added nva.sliteauth to
> setup.py install_requires and buildout´s development
> section.

I guess you mixed up eggs and packages here somehow.

Do you have an __init__.py in ``nva.sliteauth/``? Your output looks a
bit like it. This would make your nva.sliteauth directory become a
(toplevel) part of the ``training`` egg as well.

If `nva.sliteauth/` contains a different egg (with an own setup.py,
etc., but without an __init__.py), why do you put it into your
``training`` egg sources? I'd assume the usual way would be to put
``nva.sliteauth/`` in the project root (not: src/).

OTOH: if `nva.sliteauth` was meant to be another toplevel package of the
``training`` egg, why don't you simply remove ``nva.sliteauth`` so that
you get

   + training/
   + nva/
   |   |
   |   + sliteauth/

In this case you wouldn't have to fiddle with ``training``s setup.py.


But you certainly want to become ``nva.sliteauth`` a different egg,

> Test-module import failures:
> Module: nva.sliteauth.nva.sliteauth.tests
> ImportError: No module named nva.sliteauth.tests

Apparently the testrunner searches for a package ``nva`` in the
``nva.sliteauth`` package (not: egg). This makes me think there is
something wrong in the root dir of the ``nva.sliteauth`` egg.

Best regards,


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