[Grok-dev] Wierd Thing: Grok Groping All Modules?

Jeff Rush jeff at taupro.com
Sun May 24 22:12:35 EDT 2009

Michael Haubenwallner wrote:
> Which grokproject + python did you use

grokproject 1.0a4  from latest PyPI
Python 2.5.4

> and how did you start the created project ("$ bin/python bin/zopectl fg"
> looks wrong to me)?
> Installation and startup could go like:
> $ virtualenv --no-site-packages envname
> $ cd envname
> $ source bin/activate
> $ bin/easy_install grokproject
> $ bin/grokproject projectname
> $ cd projectname
> $ bin/projectname-ctl fg
> -- or --
> $ bin/paster serve parts/etc7deploy.ini

Mine is similar but not quite ;-)

First, I decided to install grokproject -once- into the system Python, along
the same lines as virtualenv since they are both used once to -start- new
projects but are not really an ongoing part of a project.  It avoids the need
to re-install grokproject for each project, which seemed odd to me, to install
and use something once, and then install and use it again once for the next

 $ sudo easy_install grokproject

 $ cd /var/tmp
 $ virtualenv --no-site-packages myproject

I found the bin/paster line too long to remember so I selected the option to
mimic the traditional zopectl approach with which I'm most familiar.

 $ grokproject --zopectl myproject
 $ cd myproject
 $ source bin/activate

I don't see any "bin/projectname-ctl" script as you are using but there is a
"bin/zopectl".  Unfortunately it has the incorrect shebang line of
"#!/usr/bin/python" instead of one pointing to the Python within the sandbox,
so I invoked zopectl with the correct Python:

 $ bin/python bin/zopectl fg

And it then walked all my packages and gave me an exception traceback when it
hit the speechd package.  No idea why it is touching non-Zope packages.


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