[Grok-dev] Wierd Thing: Grok Groping All Modules?

Roger Erens roger.erens at e-s-c.biz
Mon May 25 02:19:00 EDT 2009

on 25-5-2009 4:12 Jeff Rush wrote:
>  $ grokproject --zopectl myproject
>  $ cd myproject
>  $ source bin/activate
> I don't see any "bin/projectname-ctl" script as you are using but there is a
> "bin/zopectl".  Unfortunately it has the incorrect shebang line of
> "#!/usr/bin/python" instead of one pointing to the Python within the sandbox,
> so I invoked zopectl with the correct Python:

Hi Jeff,

the correct shebang line would probably have been put in bin/zopectl if 
you had sourced bin/activate _before_ issueing the grokproject command.


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