[Grok-dev] Community Documentation

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Mon May 25 04:09:09 EDT 2009

I think we are on the same page. What I believe we could do now is:

- Improve the visibility of the author/contributors of the content

for the sake of credit, but also sense of responsibility. And:

- Tag content as:
   - Peer reviewed for version x.y
   - Out of date (with regards to current version)
   - Needs editing (for reason xyz)
   - Needs merging (with content xyz)

The goal being to reduce the number of documents, and thus maintenance  
burden, by merging. Then we could keep track on who wants to review/ 
edit/merge/update and make sure things are happening even if we can't  
do all the editing ourselves.

Mvh Sebastian

24 maj 2009 kl. 22.55 skrev Tim Cook:

> Hi Sebastian,
> On Sun, 2009-05-24 at 17:20 +0200, Sebastian Ware wrote:
>> I'd be happy to team up with you on sketching out a simple editorial
>> workflow so we could manage the user contributed content better. (I  
>> am
>> not thinking along the terms of increasing the barrier of entry, just
>> managing the content once it has been submitted)
> Sounds perfect.
> I have also applied to the Grok Website Google Groups mailing list.   
> Not
> to do website design but to do documentation editing and  
> organization as
> well as to watch for things like outdated docs.
> While authors put a lot of effort into writing good HOWTOs etc.  In a
> fast moving environment like Grok/Zope they need to be maintained or  
> to
> be flagged as outdated or Expired.
> As a new user, give me a HOWTO that is just what I need; only to spend
> hours trying to make it work only to find out that it was developed
> using a version that doesn't even exist anymore or is a year or two  
> old
> and you have just lost a new user.  OR even worse sometimes, it
> generates questions on the mailing list that make no sense to the
> current users and wastes their time trying to figure out what the new
> user is even talking about.
> I seemed too have publication access for about an hour and then it  
> went
> away again.  I know that I saw a glimpse of the Pending list but I  
> have
> no idea what is on it.  Once I/we get access we can develop some
> policies offlist and then present them to the community for approval.
> Your thoughts?
> --Tim

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