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> Normally to replace ZPT by Chameleon in a fresh Plone buildout, you
> add cmf.pt to monkey patch all the stuff.

  Monkey patches are evil. And I won't be surprised that might break
  some other stuffs.

> Plone trunk use that already. But it doesn't use five.grok yet.
> Can I use megrok.chameleon with Plone? I don't think so,
> megrok.chameleon depends on grok, and we want five.grok instead.

  Well, the branch I did does work with five.grok yes, like probably
  most of other templating extension, if you correct the dependencies
  on them (they just need to depend on grokcore.view, not grok, like
  five.grok does).

  I think that at least 50% of the megrok.* extensions could work with
  five.grok and grokcore.* out of the box if they declared theirs
  dependencies correctly.

  So yes, you can use it, just follow the documentation of

> >   There is a branch I am working on and I use in Silva/Zope 2. Just
> > add it and create .cpt templates after. I will release it as soon
> > as the tests are fixed (there is no zope.container in Zope 2 ....).
> good

  Yes, it will be faster: the namespace provided by megrok.chameleon is
  a lot smaller, but sufficient for 98% of the case. In the worst case
  if something is missing, you can add it yourself because you can
  define the namespace() method.

  After this use the python expression by default which is a lot faster
  that the path one.

> Best regards

  Best regards,


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