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Sylvain Viollon sylvain at infrae.com
Mon May 25 07:18:16 EDT 2009

Le Mon, 25 May 2009 12:23:37 +0200,
Hanno Schlichting <hannosch at hannosch.eu> a écrit :


> That won't work very well in Plone, since "*.cpt" are Controller Page
> Templates from CMFFormController.

  I don't think it's an issue since you don't put your templates in a
  CMF DirectoryView, so unless you have a product which uses it
  (DirectoryView) and grok all the product (not only the part where you
  define your views) you won't have any problems.

  But people using Grok are going to use formlib/z3cforms to
  implement their forms and not CMFFormController (I think).

> For Chameleon we decided to use the standard extensions and have it
> replace the default engine. Since it's only an engine change and not
> actually a change of the template language, I don't see why these
> templates should have a different extension. Running both
> zope.pagetemplate and chameleon.zpt in the same instance seems like a
> non-usecase to me.

  This work if you plan to have fast-templates for your
  view/skins/layout (like a collective.skinny like skin), and you can
  keep Plone using old template types.

  However, you can't use zope.pagetemplate macros in chameleon, so you
  have to be innovative if you need to do it. But in that case I won't
  use chameleon if you just plan to do *old code style* with just the
  plan of using chameleon because it's all cool and new (it's not a
  valid excuse).

  I think it just depends on what you need and how you plan to do it.

> Hanno


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