[Grok-dev] [hurry.resource] not including hurry.zoperesource in hurry.yui's configure.zcml

Jan-Wijbrand Kolman janwijbrand at gmail.com
Wed May 27 07:43:54 EDT 2009


I'm playing with an alternative way of injecting the HTML snippets that
hurry.resource generates into rendered views.

hurry.zoperesource injects these snippets by registering an alternate
Response class used when publising objects. I'd like to see if I can get
rid of this requirement, and have the snippets rendered by a content
provider instead.

Still, I do want to be able to use hurry.yui.

By way of z3c.autoinclude, hurry.yui will be configured for me when I
list it in my project's install_requires. However, since hurry.yui's
configure.zcml will in turn include the configure.zcml of
hurry.zopresource I will implicitely be using hurry.zoperesource's way
of injecting HTML snippets.

Since hurry.yui states in it README.txt that in order to use it in a
Zope/Grok context, your project should depend in hurry.zoperesource
anyway (and thus will be picked up by z3c.autoinclude!) I think the
inclusion of hurry.zoperesource in hurry.yui's configure.zcml can go away.

This would then make it easier to reuse hurry.yui in a Zope/Grok context
without the implication of using hurry.zoperesource.


kind regards,

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