[Grok-dev] Development of hurry.jquery

Jan-Wijbrand Kolman janwijbrand at gmail.com
Thu May 28 02:58:56 EDT 2009

Shane Hathaway wrote:
>>> Martijn
>> I may not understand all of the details here but it seems to me that you
>> are making, in a round-about way (via it being a requirement of
>> hurry.jquery?), a GPL licensed library a requirement of using Grok.  Is
>> this true?
> I think you misunderstood.  hurry.jquery does not depend on YUI or 
> extjs.  hurry.jquery only depends on jquery, which is liberally licensed.

Hurry.jquery kinda depends on jquery, but even that could be worked
around (I think) in the same manner hurry.extjs does, if it does proof
to be problematic after all.

>> If that is so, are we not flirting with the edge of legalities (those
>> gray areas) when it comes to building and distributing commercial
>> applications based on Grok; even though the library is retrieved from
>> somewhere else besides the Zope servers?    

Grok does not depend in any way on hurry.jquery. Your application will
only depend on hurry.jquery if you choose to use it.

> I think you'll find that the Zope community is actually very careful 
> with legal stuff.(...)

Indeed. Since I knew the Zope community is very careful about this
topic, I asked here for confirmation that my assumptions on jquery
versus hurry.jquery are correct.


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