[Grok-dev] libraries to use with Grok

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Thu Nov 19 08:09:52 EST 2009


Steve Schmechel wrote:
> I made a first pass at presenting a list on the Grok site. 


> I tried to categorize the entries and added links to at least one
> reference page for each item. 

Some quick feedback:

Not sure '"static resources" is a clear heading. hurry.zoperesource and 
hurry.resource are about handling static resources in the web browser. 
hurry.yui etc are more like "packaged javascript libraries".

hurry.file actually is a file upload formlib widget and doesn't handle 
file storage itself, so shouldn't be under "file storage".

z3c.relationfieldui is also a formlib widget so might be categorized 
there instead, not sure.

zc.table is for *displaying* tabular data as HTML tables, while xlrd and 
xlwt are more "data import/export" or something like that. A bit of a 
mixed bag category, perhaps.

The "how-to" for hurry.resource is actually about hurry.query, not 

> I also added the license and a section
>  to note places where it was used.  Preferably, those would be sites
>  that demonstrate the library, but it could be just a description of 
> the type of project were it was found to be useful.

I think if we can't fill those out quickly (it's hard for me to find 
public examples of many of them, though I've used them in projects quite 
a bit in non-public projects), we should skip the "Used in" for now.

Public projects where I know some of this stuff is used:

hurry.file, hurry.workflow, hurry.query, zc.table: OAI document library


I know some plone people have used z3c.relationfield in something, but 
not sure where.

Less web-specific libraries:

lxml: all over the place. For grok in particular I used it for the 
imageSTORE project. http://code.google.com/p/imagestore/

xlrd, xlwt: all over the place too

> It was rather sad to note that most of the "useful" libraries are not
> covered in the Grok how-to's and tutorials.  Seems peculiar and maybe
> we should think of ways to address that.

Many of them are fairly new on the scene but I agree we should create 
more tutorials.

How hurry.resource is best used with grok is still evolving - better 
integration is being worked on with megrok.resource. Once that's a bit 
more mature we should also seriously consider folding it into Grok proper.



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