[Grok-dev] libraries to use with Grok

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Thu Nov 19 08:37:07 EST 2009


I'm going to go through libraries that may be interesting. Most of them 
I haven't used so others should help out and comment.

I'll also list libraries that I think are probably out of date and 
*shouldn't* be listed. If you disagree, please comment too!

Libraries that may be interesting

megrok.chameleon: Chameleon template engine integration into Grok.

megrok.jinja: jinja template engine integration.

megrok.genshi: Genshi template engine integration.

megrok.login: making it easier to set up authentication for Grok

megrok.menu: menus for Grok. I know Souheil is using this, and we should 
consider moving this into Grok proper at some point actually.

megrok.strictrequire: enforce the present of the "require" directive on 

megrok.z3cform: using z3c.form form library with Grok

megrok.z3c.form.base/.composed/.layout/tabular/.ui/.wizard: presumably 
extensions to the above.

hurry.custom: I have actually used this in OAI Document Library. A 
system for defining customized overrides stored in a database (such as 
the ZODB) of things like templates. I've used it for a UI that allows 
people to edit email templates (based on json-template) that the OAI 
Document Library uses. I *intend* to use it for a system of through the 
web editing of JSON templates in general in a philosophy of client-side 
templating web app development. But I haven't gotten around to building 
that yet. :)

hurry.extjs: extjs wrapped with hurry.resource

hurry.filesize: I've used this in OAI Document Library. A simple Python 
library that helps one determine a displayable size of a file in bytes, 
kilobytes, etc.

hurry.jqueryui: I built this recently but haven't used it yet. Packages 
JQuery UI the hurry.resource style.

hurry.js.wforms: the wforms Javascript library packaged using 
hurry.resource. I ended up not using it. May be useful to someone who 
wants to use wforms though. Not that 'hurry.js' was my idea for a better 
namespace than just 'hurry' for javascript libraries, but perhaps we 
should just call it 'jsresource.' or whatever..

ldapauth, ldappas: the OAI Document Library has a plugin that can use 
these. LDAP authentication for Zope Toolkit aps.

z3c.vcsync: synchronize the ZODB with a version control system. Includes 
SVN implementation of this. May be too arcane for people to easily use, 
but I'm using it. :)

zc.sourcefactory: easier way to construct sources for use in schemas 
(and forms) (we should look into integrating this more closely into Grok 
by the way)

Libraries that may be less interesting

megrok.form: depends on z3c.widget which depends on z3c.javascript which 
isn't released on pypi proper and contains a massive amount of 
out-of-date javascript libraries.. I think this one could be cleaned up 
(possibly by rewriting bits of z3c.widget ourselves) but we keep butting 
our heads against it. It *is* used in the form tutorial so we should fix 
this up..

megrok.kss: KSS the project seems not very active and this library isn't 
actively maintained to my knowledge.

megrok.cheetah: Cheetah template integration. Is anyone using this? No 
pypi release.

megrok.feeds: not worked on for a long time.

megrok.quarry: an early layer/skin system for Grok. Now done by Grok core.

megrok.rdf: an experiment in doing megrok.rdb-style RDF integration. 
Never used by anyone to my knowledge.

megrok.resourcelibrary: I integrated zc.resourcelibrary with Grok before 
I decided to create hurry.resource. I recommend using the far more 
powerful and less hacky hurry.resource

megrok.responseheaders: a library to help set response headers using 
view directives. Don't think anyone uses this.

megrok.trails: routing for Grok. Is anyone using this?

hurry.explorer/explorertests: a javascript "file explorer" I built with 
YUI. Not generally useful enough I suspect though.



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