[Grok-dev] libraries to use with Grok

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Thu Nov 19 09:47:56 EST 2009

Souheil CHELFOUH wrote:
> Actually, I'm using megrok.resourcelibrary in Dolmen.
> Until hurry.resource has a proper Grok integration, anyway :)
> Christian has been working on megrok.resource. Not sure what the
> status is, for Jan Jap and J-W, on this, since they were quite
> enthusiastic working on that in Cologne.

I gave Christian feedback on megrok.resource today, and hopefully with 
some tweaking it'll be ready to use.

I think the most important thing megrok.resource should do is integrate 
hurry.resource's Library with both Grok's ResourceDirectory support and 
z3c.hashedresource's hashed URL generation. Resource definition and use 
I think would be fine the hurry.resource way, at least at this point.

Christian's megrok.resource already does what I just described, but it 
tries to do more and I think it shouldn't for now. So we're close. :)



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