[Grok-dev] Values from another document before rendering

Kathy Manwaring kathy at perfectnotes.com.au
Thu Nov 26 05:00:45 EST 2009

Firstly, thank you very much for your quick responses to my last query -
they put me on the right track. Now, I have another question...

I have a class that needs to get values from another entry when it is
created or edited. So, when creating a Person, the list of values that I
can choose from for the type of Person are values that are editable on
another entry.

It LOOKS like I should be able to use a dynamically calculated
SimpleVocabulary, but I can't get it to work - I think I need to use
self.context on the interface definition of the schema field, but self is
not defined.

Alternatively, can I do it in setupWidgets before rendering? (Can't see
enough information about setupWidgets to answer the question).

Any help would be appreciated.


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